Do Virtual Tours Help Sell Houses?

Do Virtual Tours Help Sell Houses?
Study finds virtual tours will bring more money when it comes time to sell your house. While the study found that listing a house with a virtual tour can increase the price by two to three percent. While virtual tours are most often seen on million-dollar-plus properties, you can absolutely create one for your own home for maximum exposure and ROI.

Virtual tours are the natural next step for potential buyers who saw something they liked in your photos and description of the home, and while not vital, can easily put your home on the shortlist for buyers who are looking to make a big move and need to make their time count when they make the trip to view potential homes.

In most cases, your realtor or a professional company will take care of this for you. If you have a steady hand and a good smartphone you could do a simple tour around the home, add a little (royalty-free) music to your video, and add it to your listing.

According to many different statistics, real estate listings with virtual tours get up to 87% more views and keep them looking at listings 5-10 times longer.

There any many good video production companies we use when selling your home.

Alternatively, create a virtual tour with photos instead by adding more images of each room to the virtual tour.

A 2020 study shows home listings with virtual tours sold about 6% faster and sold for 3% more compared to similar home listings without virtual tours.

Also it helps buyers get a better feel for the home before they visit in person.

Do Virtual Tours Help Sell Houses?

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