Making An Offer On A Home

Making An Offer On A Home
Making an offer after finding a home

Making an offer after finalizing a home

Once you feel you have found the dream home that you have been searching for your family for a long time, it is time to act so that you can realize your dream. You cannot take a long time thinking about which home is a better choice for your family.

Las Vegas is a hot and vibrant housing market with strong demand from buyers, many of whom happen to be cash-rich investors. In order to wrest the house, from their claws, it is important that you make a tempting offer for the house that the seller finds it hard to turn down.

Making an offer is a seemingly simple task where you draft a letter specifying the price at which you are ready to buy the house along with other terms and conditions of purchase.

How do you beat others in the line when you are offering the same or even a smaller amount of money for the purchase of the property? Well, the answer lies in the skills and knowledge of your real estate agent for whom it is just another task in the office.

If your real estate agent is experienced and understands the sentiments of the housing market, he will help you in drafting the offer letter in such a way that the seller agrees to it. How does he achieve this objective? Well, a good quality realtor knows that while money is most important for the seller, he also wants to sell his property to someone who is reliable and honest. All sellers want the exercise to be quick, smooth, and hassle-free.

This is when your pre-approval letter comes in handy as it conveys the impression that you can arrange financing quickly and easily to pay the asking price to the seller.

Your real estate agent will word the offer letter in such a way that it appears attractive to the seller. He will keep minimum contingencies in this offer letter to reassure the seller about the smooth and quick completion of the transaction.

Go through the clauses included in the offer letter by your real estate agent so that you know what you are expected to do and in what time frame to successfully close the deal.

As houses for sale in Las Vegas are lesser in numbers than the number of buyers, a lot depends upon the offer letter that is written by the buyer. If your offer is rejected or the seller comes up with a counteroffer, you must be prepared to take the next step.

The best scenario of course is when the seller accepts your offer as you must sign the sale contract with the seller.

If the seller rejects your offer, you cannot do much except move forward and prepare an offer letter for another property. If the seller comes up with a counteroffer, it means the stage is set for a round of negotiations where you either agree to his counteroffer or present your own counteroffer.

This is where the negotiation skills of your real estate agent or broker come to the fore as he deals with the seller’s agent to lower the price and accept your counteroffer.

Making An Offer On A Home

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